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ten four ninety*five when angie pushed me
if you weren’t there when she gave birth then you cant brother me

i don’t like to pop my sh*t cause n*gga mine ain’t cheap
i told solid hit johnny time to flood my t**th
vvs shine bright i’m trying to blind me a b*tch
hit the crib with no panties you know the time lil b*tch
i gave a b*tch my time and she wasted it
man these hoes ungrateful
supposed to be my soul your insecurities steady k!lling me
how the f*ck you love me turn around and mistreated me
i gave you my all but it seemed it wasn’t enough
somewhere down the line tell me where i lose your trust
whole pound broke it down bagged it up like groceries
face card good expression screaming out don’t f*ck with me
body language screaming ain’t no approaching
every time you see me out in public got to watch out how you approaching me
i’m clutching
late nights looking at the stars while i’m thinking about deshon
cup full of dirt trying to take away this hurt
sh*t d*mn near broke me seeing sarah in that he*rs*
i was riding around n*gga when i got the word
gun on my lap i was thinking about committing
then angie popped dead in my head
n*gga i ain’t quit when i was pushing
so boy you bet not quit
and thats real sh*t (and that’s reaaal)
boy you bet not quit
and thats real sh*t (and that’s reaaal)

f*ck they thought this was (aahhhh)
yeahhh yeahh (hahaha)
man these hoes ain’t sh*t you hear me
(ynbn b*tch or get yo door kicked in)
aye b*tch aye b*tch ayeee huh
(this my sh*t n*gga)
aye dan i’m finna loose my f*cking top in this b*tch you hear me
(ohh yea)
(ohh yea)
(ohh yea)
what i say (talk to em)
hoes all on my d*ck trying to f*ck me just to get to solid huh
i’m a sniper like lil kodak get around the hoes i’m silent huh
hoes try to act like they not hoe*ish get around me they going
i’m already knowing
hoes ain’t sh*t but going
every session just ask dan ain’t i’m off the top with it
broad day getting head right behind that five percent
n*gga touch me you gone die i come through with promises
turnt a n*gga to a veggie stick you should’ve witnessed it
i was in some p*ssy when my phone rang who is this
such and such got hit aahhhh that’s what he get
toe tag em
white sheet on the corpse we don’t sh*t bag em
d*ck suckas acting like you gangsta know you big cappin
b*tch i’m from the raq so i can’t love no thotties
interrogation room ain’t saying sh*t
tell em free bobby
i’m a big gorilla tell them lil n*ggas they frenchies
i can’t leave the crib without my bl!ck these n*ggas glitchy
these b*tches

- breezzee текст песни