2.0 – brockhampton текст песни

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pardon the uh, technical difficulties
pardon the uh, technical difficulties

[verse 1: kevin abstract]
boys can’t keep up wit’ it
i’m like “we shall spend it”
i’m like [?] spend it
i’m like [?] spend this
i know y’all [?]
i’m so focused this is
2.0 in this b*tch
give me a lie (yay)
live in the [?] from los angeles
n*ggas ain’t talk to me carefully
n*ggas go backwards
[?] gap shirt
[?] backwoods
[?] got a password
live from *
[?] ragu
n*ggas ain’t sh*t
you scared of sh*t
know i really ain’t nothin’
i already zooted
i’m already gorgeous
[?] cost me a fortune
[?] smile, you know i been tortured
look at myself
i’m already [?]
doing it for
doing it for
doing it for
[verse 2: a$ap ferg]
woo! woo! woo! woo! uh!
sh*t on your function
live from the dungeon
woo! darn!
know why you coughin’
my d*ck she be tonguein’
you ain’t got drip likе this
can’t talk like this (woo)
safety pit ol’ wrists, (woo woo) diamonds on bliss
uh, speaking thе truth, 2k a tooth (oof)
maybach jeep, where’s the roof?
[?] but i am hater*proof
talking wit’ diddy i made me a mill’ in about a day or two!
i ain’t filled with l*st
[?] talkin’ bout b*tches that i wanna bust, we supposed to be talkin’ bout videos
[?] and such (darn!)
but i’m busy livin’ on the ig
smart, d*mn, f*ck!
i’m a g.o.a.t in a lamb’ truck
tell a video pan out when you talk to me
[?] n*gga came from varsity, slap n*ggas in the pocket out of varsity

- brockhampton текст песни