cindy – bruce springsteen текст песни

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i pick you up with flowerswhen you get off from workit’s like you don’t even careit’s like i’m some kind of jerki take you out on a dateand then you won’t even kiss meboy when i ain’t aroundi’ll bet you don’t even miss mei don’t know whyi love you like i doi try and tryyou treat me like a foolit makes me want to cryit makes me feel so bluebut i just do, baby, i just doi call you upjust to p-ss the timesoon as you hear my voiceyou disconnect the lineand when i call you backyour mother says you ain’t homecindy i know that’s you on the other end of this phoneoh in this worldthere ain’t another like youmy little candy girlso hard-hearted and crueli think that’s whatkeeps me coming backi’m a fool for you cindy and i like it like thati came to get you last nightcindy, at quarter to sixyour daddy came to the doorhe said cindy got sickshe got sent home from workwith a note from the nurseand my very presencewould make your condition worsebut it ain’t your health’cause well you sure look finelittle girl it’s something elsethat’s on my mindwell you can give it to me’cause if it’s good enough for youit’s good enough for mei don’t know whyi love you like i doyou make me cryand feel like such a fooli guess i like itwhen you hurt me this wayyou dish it out and i just put it away

- bruce springsteen текст песни