can’t cancel god – bryson gray & tyson james текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: tyson james]
you think you can cancel me?
but i can guarantee you won’t be canceling god
hey bryson, go ahead and tell them

[verse 1: bryson gray]
[?] for life
we in the end times, alright
lets get started, they can’t take the light

spoiler alert: the devil won’t win
but they keep tryin’ again and again
everybody make excuses to sin
so [?]

oops, bryson’s going to get canceled again
i’ll get canceled again and again and again
i’ll even lose all of my friends
because man it really doesn’t matter
don’t care about this life, i’m working for outbound
my only job is serving the master, serving the king

you either whirly or golly there’s no such thing as in between
i’m not being mean
i love you so much that i’ll tell you the truth
though i know it all seems that i’m attacking you
really i’m just looking out for you, i hope you do the same
turning from sin, you lose pleasure
but it is worth it when you see all that you’ve gained
[hook: tyson james]
god will not be mocked
and god will not be stopped
you can cancel me my dude
but you can’t cancel god

god will not topped
and god will not be swapped
you can cancel me my dude
but you can’t cancel god

[repeat hook]

[verse 2: tyson james]
you can’t cancel god (nah)
take a look at lot (yah)
sodom and gomorrah
god came down from the rocks

you can’t cancel him
turn the fire up ’cause i ain’t pandering
he gave you his life
then you turn around and slander him

you put him in a box
not put him at the top
he’s the one and only god
put him in his rightful spot
he’s the ceo
you see me flow
now i don’t want to see ye vote
for sleepy joe
this is maga country

i ain’t never gonna bend
and i ain’t never going to break
and i don’t care about a trend
and i ain’t selling out to be fake

you can sell your soul
but i’m going to tell my foe
i’m going to get to heaven and i’m winning not sinning
america defending and i’m in it to win it, yeah

[repeat hook]

- bryson gray tyson james текст песни