1.5 – bugszy citglo текст песни

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[verse 1: bugszy]
two chopsticks like my name bruce lee
you say you a k!ller, boy who you foolin
i’m sippin that wockhardt got me snoozin
b*tch get a [?] start droolin
i’m laughin at the opps cause, they losin
if you tote that glock you better shoot it
i got a .223 with a cooler kit
if a n*gga reach for my rollie you know that i’m boomin it

[verse 2: lil nza/hoey glo]
he say he my slime
n*gga thought i was cool with him
you ain’t with the slimes
you ain’t boolin then
he say he my slime
he know he ain’t boolin
he droppin that dime
i’m rockin that louis vuitton
sleeze with me
he totin the ruler clip
fold on the gang
you get your medulla split
i’m on the block
don’t trap in no puma fit
play with the glocks
you know we gon’ shoot them sh*ts
[verse 3: bugszy/lil nza]
let it squeeze
i bеnd the block onna’ ds
she look at my neck, shе seeing vv’s
now that lil’ b*tch on her knees
he thought it was salad i served that boy green
he thought it was adderalls served that boy jellybeans
gang on the block serving up we got all the fiends
12 on the block and i think that they watchin me

[verse 4: hoey glo]
12 on the block and i think that they watchin me
my money green i’m counting the collard green
post on the block and we shootin, monopoly
huh, everything on me a property
[?] they going on shopping sprees
we in the spot, say n*ggas start watchin me
ducking the jakes, you know they need ids, huh
yeah we don’t got no idea

[chorus: bugszy]
twin glocks name em’ kenan and kel
i’m not from earth, n*gga i’m from h*ll
this .40 gon’ screw a n*gga like a nail
free all my n*ggas locked up in the jails
he say he wanna beef but that n*gga frail
i keep the metal n*gga like a rail
i know he a b*tch, i know he gon’ tell
i made some big bands off the sells
[verse 5: bugszy]
i’m juggin, i’m juggin, i’m juggin, i’m juggin
i’m cookin, i’m cookin, i’m cookin, i’m cookin
oh that’s your b*tch? then why that b*tch lookin
hoey the plug you know we gon’ book him
brand new glock .40 you know it’s gon’ cook him
bad b*tch her ass soft like a cushion
i’m smokin that loud, i’m smokin that good cheese
i’m serving that white, i’m serving that sugar (slime, huh)

[verse 6: lil nza]
heard he pushin
you smokin on reggie i’m smokin on cookie
i just ran about a few band you can look
any n*gga be foldin i call that boy fisher
holy on block we gon’ slide and he been look
trapped all night just to see how the bands look
f*cked on that b*tch just to see how her friend look
hoppin the site just to see how the bin look
huh, heard he been shook
i’m with my slime so i’m feelin like big suge
i slide to your plug rob his ass he ain’t listenin
now look at my wrist all my diamonds they glistenin (huh)
feel like subzero, fatality finish him
i got a glock .19 come with a stick in it
i got a tec*9 with extending clips
new glock .19 and i’m bendin sh*t

- bugszy citglo текст песни