deliver us from evil – bullet for my valentine текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

what’s happening to me!?
i’m dying from the inside!
body hurts too much to feel!
pressure adds to pain!
deliver us from evil!
straying out of sanity!

why can’t you let me be!?
is nothing else important?
does my mind mean more to you!?
’cause if i carry on!
deliver us from evil!
screaming for your vanity!

will darkness turn to light!?
(will darkness turn to light?!)
can someone wake me from this nightmare?

here we go, here we go

the tank is empty, let it dry
i’m suffering!
a p-ssion ending, so the world ceases turning
the tank is empty, let it dry!

so now i hope you see!
i’m nothing more than human!
making plans for enemies!
but here we go again!
deliver us from evil!
crawling back to insanity!

[chorus x2]

i’m suffering

what’s happening to me?
i’m dying from the inside…
body hurts to much to feel…
pressure adds to pain..
deliver us from evil…
(through evil..)

pressure adds to pain…
you’re evil, we’re evil, i’m evil!

[chorus till fade]

- bullet for my valentine текст песни