20s – burnout macgyver текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

youll spend your nights in the ocean
i keep some ice in my potion
i got that k!ll in my paper
just gettin a feel for that caper
we draw them maps and then plot it
we movin them bags of that product
too many hands in that profit
might blast your mans with my rocket
i do not hesitate
hit you with that clip and make you levitate
i dont do no physique
im liftin heavy when i get the weight
this gettin money such a breeze
i be smokin out the cheese
fifty thousand for the p’s
and we gon set the date
drop bands on the gold
stacks too big what im gettin can’t fold
takin the account when im freezin they gotta hold
i done had all of thе visions of packs and they gettin sold now
got bands on the wrist
im countin monеy up hand over fist
and we got it like this
floodin the block when i mob with the clique
i might rob on a b*tch
now the plot gettin thick
and thats the real story
send em up the road with the case and they get it for me
took stands for the glory
and id do it again
i lost friends in the process
i dont give a f*ck i won’t ever amend

- burnout macgyver текст песни