0-100 remix (matt stacey diss) – bvang текст песни

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coming from a city with some small sh-t
207 rappers thinking that they are sh-t
then they follow tryna get up into my clique
but i ain’t let ’em, that matt stacey’s just a big b-tch
kicking off, yeah, i be flipping off
f-ck you and your talent, then i be k!lling you swear to god
mixing it up, check out my style with different parts
but you sound the f-cking same in like, every single song
then i called you out, yeah but you b-tching now real quick
saying, nostalgia, “not about you but movements”
fear of failure, yeah i see that fear up and in your eyes
what you tryna do, i’m tryna raise up the bar high
the flame is lit, i spiral up in a motion
pop this game like a cherry, yeah, that’s total devotion
suck my d-ck, are you jealous, that, that i’m just coasting
and i’m still writing better than even when you try to focus
you day dreaming, you best bet just stop believing
that you are better than everyone, cause your not even
just stop preching, bout all this “beef you not eating”
before i shove it down your throat till you not speaking
sneak dissah, big b-tch now p-ss off
lying to my face, because your scared that i might hit raw
this song, i’ll take ya’ll, brad mac, yo b-tch dog
anyone you f-ck with, i will slap you, on your wrists, bro
f-ck n-ggas, sh-t i see them everywhere
and i’m keeping it 300, yeah that’s everywhere
tell these fake -ss motherf-ckers, what they wanna hear
time to step it up some levels, main is coming up this year!
oh lord, oh what the wanna hear
bvang is my name and i’ma start it here
why don’t you take some f-cking notes
it’s like you cheating off your peers
but i will always be on top and you’ll be drowning in your tears, like
concionce resting on a thin slate
about to serve it to you, here’s your f-cking food tray
i just dissed you and it’s going on my mix tape
rising up this ladder, b-tch now what you gotta say!
i’m on a mission that compet-tion has finally risen
b-tch you think your ready, but it’s my decision, you ain’t winning
and i can’t stop spitting, rehe-rs- this verse when i be sh-tting
cause you remind me of sh-t, soon i’ll give you a pot to p-ss in
virgin territory, better call it matt stacey
he ain’t a f-cking man, don’t even know how to make a baby
can’t put a condom on, can’t even get it up for ladies
the only “b-tch” he got, changed from john to mercades
so how you k!lling it k!ller, you just a gimmick
dropped like 4 tracks, d-mn it nearly took you a min
tryna get your name back out, yeah you know the sky is the limit
but you are nothing now that bvang rep’s the game now he’s in it, b-tch

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