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подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: rush]
yeah… street flavor.. yeah.. you know?
yo, cap, it’s rush… murder one, no love
call a n-gga from north carolina
that’s what it is, new york city…
bolo, what up? cack-lack…

i’ll break a n-gga back, when i’m holding the mack
me and cap bridging the gap, on one track
the s.i.n.y. and the cack-lack
i crack a n-gga open like i’m drinking six packs
it’s on and popping in the bottom
stop a n-gga in the mud if he got a problem
it’s dirty out here, walk around with so much ice
i need a slay, wayne gretzky and they call me when it sudden death
i feel like rocky when he ran a hundred steps
that ain’t beef, that’s pocket meat on your chest, boy
i move keys like i’m on the keyboard
big rush on the triton, i got the license
to pay a sniper when i’m writing
on this microphone, i’m mike tyson
how street fighter n-ggas call me m. bison
i stay high in my blood pressure, the slug’ll dead ya
pack burners that’ll give n-ggas the war, it’s real

nickel plated tech with the shiny pearl handle
red infer’ beam on the so-called vandal
original legits, still cool like summer sam
you got a three hundred watt, with a low key light candle
burning up the jam, oh, donna can’t cook
you and the dummy hit the head, oh donna had you hooked
on the snub nose, because i never dug those
part time crime, bust me from behind
n-ggas that play sometime, most of the time
with the nine, big dummy bullets are blind
so to arm me and protect, you gotta move correct
and play humble, as you prepare for the rumble
then glide like a snake, and let off like the bumble
two bigger trigger, i figure i got a lotta
one tough, hit the f-cked up by don dada
i’m my all black self, with the 90 shot clip
waiting patiently for my posse to flip
so i can wet something love-love, push come to shove-shove
might have to wet a n-gga up with the snub bug
thirty eight pistol, handle rough like crisco
cousin cappa, shatter compet-tion like crystal

[lil’ milz]
if, life’s a hustle, i grind it out
so i can cop the big face, watch, diamoned out
eyes ch-nky in the bentley, pulling up in the drive way
like sinatra, n-gga, i did it my way
repping east side, with guns on each side
last n-gga tried, you know that he died
who real round here, blue steel round here
little ears on the block, get ya peeled round here
i’m the man with the rock, giving feels round here
if you want it, i can get that, hit you with a big pack
don’t bring my sh-t back, six in your knick knacks
don’t mean no harm, but i’m shooting with big gats
this and a flip jack’ll make your -ss flip back

yeah, f-ck that, uh-huh, walk with me
i’m good with thousand grams, and a well in the will
while you polly in the hood, i’m on federal hill
moving and shaking, underground, using jamaicans
moving these cakes in montego, shoot up, ya naked
get on and beat it, charge money, son, it’s large money
rubberband wrapped under the hard wood floor, money
and i ain’t gonna spend a red cent
i’m just sitting on bread, try’nna get this red sh-t
i live for them dead presidents, ever since there was facts, high paids
i was try’nna get paid, n-gga, i left 10th grade, for the american dream
hitting hoods hard with that heroine lean
you only dream about my way of life, day or night
i’mma get it, just as long as we poor, f-ck the law

[outro: jarmen]
yeah, uh-huh, street flavor, word up
yeah, n-gga, uh-huh, give it up or get slumped, n-gga
that’s how we coming through…
fifty one, thirty six, bel air road, n-gga
street flavor…

- cappadonna текст песни