2020 vision – cartier’god текст песни

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[verse 1: hi c]
i don’t f*ck witcha, yea, yea
i don’t f*ck witcha
p*ssy ass dude, who is you? i ain’t dumpin ya
high tec splash, pouring lines in traffic, ya
bullets chase after ya, blood range splattered, ya
your b*tch on my d*ck, said my swag spectacular
won’t chase after her
f*ck her then i’m passing her
100 round choppa with the knife, soulcalibur
pull up in challenger
bad b*tch passenger
surf’s up, cowabunga swag, i’m splashin ya
high tec splash, sippin blood just like dracula
panomara purge, pull up, i’m passing ya
too juiced up, rock out like metallica
could’ve f*cked your b*tch but that hoe not bad enough
wanna beat my ass but that n*gga not mad enough
think i need some blues like these bands not sad enough
lеt her ride that d*ck, told that lil b*tch giddy up
pop an adderall causе my b*tch need to pick me up
baby move her head back and forth till she dizzy, ya
tiny jeans, glock on my waist, belt fendi, ya
wrist bout 50, ya
b*tch so pretty, ya
kush pack on me and it smell real p*ssy, ya
f*cked the whole gang, no way i’m kissing ya
want a pretty boy rockstar? b*tch hit me up
[verse 2: domd]
uh uh hoe
pull up, push start
no b*tch, don’t start
b*tch my cup so dark
n*gga, vampire gang
bite her neck, break her heart
demon b*tch p*ssy wet
in that water like a shark
pretty boy demon, way too juiced from the start
i done popped a perc, b*tch i’m throwed like a dart
goth b*tch on my d*ck and she yellow just like bart
imma f*ck your b*tch n*gga, send her home on a bar
pretty boy demon, i got too many hoes
you ask me for a feat, b*tch i might wipe his nose
bite that b*tch neck, i got blood on my toes
tokyo drift, foreign whip, we too dope
said he want some smoke, b*tch let’s get it, let’s go

[verse 3: cartier god]
let’s go, let’s go
imma tear out your heart
cartier pulled up in a red i
i got red eyes, make that b*tch wanna cry
fell off in this b*tch, rcb push the globe
take your last breath, then i take your soul
cartier god, worth a milli on my lone
n*ggas want me dead, tryna sacrifice the god
pull up with the stick, get the sticks like french toast
m*th*f*ckin rare, pulling up with the hoes
standing over the stove how i get all my dough

- cartiergod текст песни