baiulus – carvey milk текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

blondie, oughta call me
on nights we like to party
with bad habits, in my pocket
someone call, try to stop me
watch me, going out
you got my chest piece blowing up
mixed messages, and offers
that you are here, to fill my cup
well thrill me up, get me high
i swear i do this all the time
fight with me, until you’re fine
then go to bed, like it’s alright
wake up, take another line
wake up, i feel fine

wake up
wake up

but baby got a problem
do she love you? do she love you not?
at the bar again for the story
kept on talking swore you never stopped
and i never talk but i’m always high
can’t stop myself take another line
can’t feel my spine, guess i’m alright
any other promises you try to fight
and we fight
we fight so much i can’t keep my head on
images portrayed in my mind
grab that blanket that you slept on
and you wept on
sorry i can’t be what you like
i’ma add you to the list of the sh-t i done wrong cause if loving you is wrong i don’t wanna be right

- carvey milk текст песни