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“she addicted”
(feat. naila boss)

your all i need that’s all
i’m addicted to your love your love
but when you leave i feel withdrawls
because i’m addicted to your love
i’m addicted

i was driving down nice town to pick up keyshia
and i almost crashed when i p-ssed this chick named rachel
she ain’t have a ring on her finger but really faithful to some big w-lly
but i’m really getting cake too
mami a hotty gotta body and a face too but she tasteful i could probly give her felatial
she had a -ss that’ll probly intimidate you
but i called her like rachel come her don’t make me chase you
she stopped and said c-ss i always wanted to date you since the hotel video i wanted to rape you
boy i wanna taste you
i said well we leaving and i took her to the top floor of the 4 seasons and got right,
that tw-t tight i know you feel me
she was like i’m dying you are trying to kill me
i made her come so many times i feel guilty
i hit it now shawty addicted u f-cking feel me?


chicks is addicted to my d-ck they can’t leave that
like a crackhead need a hit the chicks need that
diamonds is a girls best friend, don’t beleive that
d-ck is a chick best friend betta beleive dat
it’s diamonds on my wrist neck diamonds on my hand
if i’m your best friend you could get diamonds and a man
but pam say she’d rather have diamonds then a man
and she’d rather use the rabbit than put time in with a man

[nalia boss:]
well a vibrator’s safe then grinding on a man and i’m disease free,
i don’t use condoms on my hand understand

i said yes pam i respect that
but if you take a chance with tha boy you won’t regret that
she thought for a while and smiled like i accept that
you can get tha wet? but you gotta protect that
pam i protect myself don’t even sweat that
i hit it now shawty addicted
she always check dat


yo my love like a drug, she addicted to me
she addicted cause i’m hittin it ridicously
and she know that it’s a lot of fish in the sea
but i’m a fisherman i reel in every chick i see
she addicted (i’m addicted)
she addicted she addicted she addicted (i’m addicted)
she addicted she addicted she addicted (i’m addicted)
she addicted she addicted she addicted (i’m addicted)
she can’t quit it cause she addicted (i’m addicted)

[nalia boss:]
definately wanna love you til i overdose
i’m up for aquatics it’s like i lose control
never go away promise me you’ll stand beside me baby
and even if you ever get locked up i will come and set you free
baby i’m all you need more then a regular chick you see truly


i’m addicted to your love your love i’m addicted [x3]

- cassidy текст песни