the problem vs. the hustla – cassidy текст песни

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ladies and gentleman
i’d like to welcome y’all here tonight
you all are about to witness
one of the greatest battle to ever go down in hip-hop
in this corner
i’d like to introduce c-ssidy the problem

[c-ss the problem]
it’s the problem b-tch

[a] and in that corner is c-ssidy the hustla

[c-ss the hustla]
it’s the hustler ask about me

battler to the center of the ring
i want a nice clean battle i don’t want you spittin
none of that sh-t you was spittin last week last month
i want it off the top of the head
i don’t want your mom ad-libbing your sh-t
i don’t want your man ad-libbing your sh-t
touch mics let’s go

[c-ss the problem]
i’m in the zone boy and i got the chrome boy
i’ll have blood gushing out your dome on your homeboy
i’m a threat see you should of left me alone boy
i’m real to the chromosome you a clone boy
chicks get bone i’m know for getting dome boy
probably got your baby moms number in my phone boy
and if i hittin the click up d-ck sucks
had your b-tch in the telly throwin her ‘six” up
yea we made her lick nuts then hop on the 6 bus
after this over than they gon try say this was fixed up
they gon be like he cheated that’s why he beated
i’ve been in wild battles and won i’m undefeated
the punch lines that i put in the streets
even made freeway say “put on a beat”
only the strong pre-vail i know but a sh-ll
make him yell like hoes when i perfom hotel

[c-ss the problem]
what?! i told you this n-gg- wasn’t f-ckin with me you can’t be serious

whoa whoa whoa break it up break it up battlers back to your corner

[corner man]
look kid i told you this sh-t wasn’t gonna be easy

[c-ss the hustla]
it’s ain’t gonna be hard

[corner man]
i told you this kid was a problem he not f-ckin with you though

[c-ss the hustla]
he ain’t no problem

[corner man]
i need you to get in there hit ’em with those punch lines, those metaphors
you gotta make sure your flow your delivery
you gotta make sure all that’s on point
hurt his feelings, bite his head off

[c-ss the hustla]
listen to this all that lip will get you and your man bodied
i’m the man you a b-tch in a man’s body
you a disgrace who wrote your sh-t? mase?
your alb-m wasn’t nothing like the sh-t on the mixtapes
first you was hustling bustin them sh-lls
then you went commercial to get a couple of sells
that’s what you got a couple of sells
and you probably wouldn’t of sold loads if wasn’t for kels
well you was crazy man with the punch line flow
but now you the ladies man where the punch lines go
yo it don’t get no better
you was smiling chi-town stepping but ain’t get no cheddar
if you a star i’m a galaxy n-gg-
one verse’ll merk all your personalities n-gg-
you garbage and ain’t nothing trash about me
i’m the hustler muthaf-cker ask about me… ask about me p-ssy

oh sh-t break it up break it up back to your corners
this the last round i want y’all to both spit eight bars a piece
no more than eight bars
c-ssidy.. the problem i want you to go first
then c-ssidy the hustla i want you to go next
you ready? get in

[c-ss the problem]
i got sh-t on lock
like i’m constipated you will get abominated
i ain’t lyricist of the year but i was nominated
where your strip at you ain’t hustling n-gg-
that track would have been wack if it wasn’t for jigga
i’m a ladies man chicks loving a n-gg-
but i’ll still put a slug in a n-gg- braat
real funny i went gold but get money on the road
and i own a hundred percent of my publishing n-gg-

ok ok ok that’s it that’s it
c-ssidy the hustler you ready?
it’s your turn eight bars… let’s go

[c-ss the hustla]
you don’t really want the drama n-gg-
you’ll take more shots in your face then madonna n-gg-
you get ate i’m like dahmer n-gg-
you don’t battle you make songs for the chicks like mashonda n-gg-
the best is me i got stripes like a referee
and c-ke comin on boats like a refugee
you should switch flow n-gg- your sh-ts gold
when i drop i’ma sh-t more than your sh-t sold n-gg-

that’s it that’s it it’s over it’s over we have a winner
the new heavyweight freestyle champion of the world
c-ssidy the hustla

[c-ss the hustla]
geah it is what it is don’t act surprise

okay kid what are you planning to do after this victory

[c-ss the hustla]
i mean you know keep getting money keep hustling keep doing what i do
and if you b-st-rds doubt me…

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