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“slow it down”

she say she love the way i take control
first in slow motion, then i speed it up and smoke it now
slow it down, slow it down, slowww it dowwwn
now switch it up now

she said i always was the best before
with the slow motion but the difference is i’m focused now
slow it down, slow it down, slowww it dowwwn
then speed it up now

[verse 1:]
speed it up, uh
i gotta genie in a bottle you can rub on
i call it henny it i’ll help you get ya love on
this is the closest that she gettin to a love song
pull out my d-ck and tell her welcome to the love zone
in general i’m a general to you lieutenants
landlord, bad women are my new tenants
runnin round causing trouble like the new dennis
the mennace in your girl mouth like her new dentist
uh, get a cavity check
you little internet nerds don’t have any s-x
i come n’ get her in the rover, the caddy, the lex
she take a pic i bet i’m gettin her panties to stretch
yup, i hope ya making it on my list
ya’ll never meet another player as cold as this
the second that ya ever let me control ya hips
i’m deadly and as venomous as a cobra kiss

[verse 2: slowed down]
slow it down, known ta spit
if that’s your girl better grab her quick
keep telling me that she the baddest chick
that translates till she wants my magic stick
grab the whip, slab a kit
wood in my slab like a cabinet
tryna trap me i ain’t having it
i keep a cap on my head like a graduate, trick
graduation, congratulations
beat turnt up so the slab was shakin
police nah i don’t add the bacon
plenty of the grams that i’m tabulating
gravitation, on the rise
looking for a chick with some swollen thighs
piece in my draws really oversized
if they told you it’s not

[verse 3: normal]
then they told ya liesss
switch it up in slow mo
i ain’t sweating no mo
krusty like the clown ya man looking like a bozo
she can get the bowzack, he can get the 4 4
burn off in my whip while hitting switches like a cholo
superfast and slow mo
i be in the zone though
off universal still creeping on the low low
lizard for the logo tricking is a no no
for me and her to kick it like some ninjas at a dojo
uh, she bouce on it like a pogo stick
while i stick to the scipt on you lames
i always bein the posterchild of grippin the grain
i always bein the president of getting the change
the flow switching the change
then i switch it to slow
ya can’t get in her mind i already got in the dow
to be specific i’m living the way i’m living my flow
when now they know i’m the playa your woman getting to know
let’ go


hmmmmmm this type of love so off the chain
cause i ain’t got a woman with your name
and i ain’t gotta buy you anything
i’m a do it like a pro baby
i’m a take it slow cause you knowin that you ain’t my dame

don’t think just cause you looking good
that i’m a be your ticket out the hood
girl i think there’s something you should know
you can’t be my number 1
you can be my number 4 and i think that we should take it slow

[verse 4: slowed down]
all my broads stay in search of facts
that mean a real man that can work the stacks
me and ben franklin the birth of macks
wanna double date he the perfect catch
get a hair cut then reverse the cap
took off the top, then convert the back
black red bottoms with the skirt to match
i ain’t talking bout her that refer to lac
i don’t ride on no teenage wheels
open my trunk you’ll see 8 kills
she got curves but she in heels
say that he her’s, but she ain’t his
i created the term c.o.d
i ain’t seen a real rapper since p.a.t
i ain’t heard a real rapper since p.a.c
some of these other boys cool but he ain’t me


- chamillionaire текст песни