24 – charles dabeast текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

doing 70 on 70, headed to my destiny
even when they check for me
thinking what they expect from me
couldn’t hesitate with a break, for a yellow light
this is what keeps me up at night
seeing if i did it right
100 revisions to get the structure right
thinking “this a hit ahh man they gone love it right?”
nah video flopped can’t even dub it right
scratch that, i been rhyming since kat stacks
tax that, charge it to the game like a half back
rap facts, the rest is just some mad max
gives me something to laugh at
am i 10*0 or 0 and 10?
or have i even chеcked it
i don’t know but they need to let mе it
rappers dying every year, feels like i’m the medicine
feels like con edison
who goin check me huh?
rhyming with the best man, check my repertoire

i could’ve waited and said i wouldn’t make it
but man i’ve seen greatness and that’s what i’m made of
cadillac waiting for me, never been ford tough
how can one afford love?
marketing with sparkling champagne
pardon me, i didn’t bring a harmony
clinton wouldn’t pardon me
imma beast dawg that’s just apart of me
sometimes i kick r&b, but this is something larger g
either way it’s from the soul
type type beat cole
and lets it explode
type type beat cole
then i expose my inner thoughts, teaching what i was taught
so deep in my roots these are just my black thoughts

- charles dabeast текст песни