3pm – charles hamilton текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i ignite a fire to a bowl of apple jacks. drive right inside the cold and grab a match. having a gl-ss of snapple, i grapple with facsimiles. like facts that are similar to me. rap like a centipede., half pint of listerine. black out of history for trying get at every rhyme spit by me. hock spit on milliseconds past. get your sh-t together fast or never get cash. having a blast, blacking on serial k!lling. i appear to be near to the feeling of beer in a synagogue. my influence and your mind don’t get along. rhinestone cinema, cowboys, listen up! how about i deploy my choice of enema to my enemies? when my trigger squeeze, hope y__ n______ bleed (fill it in). and feel it, indeed. k!ll them for feeling, but not feeling me

can you believe it? i just left 3 6 (look at the time). been a minute, but i can and needed to. beat a beetlejuice, being booted with the beatles. blunts made of euros, the root of evil, steaming. you can see a demon even when you’re in prayer, living in mid-air. dare superst-tion to get scared. sit prepared, boldly stepping over boundaries n0body set. but get what you forget. and re-go over your ovary-collecting sound, baby-making music. straight abusing the c-mulative stupidness. excuse me, miss? you better stop the screaming. exorcise your demons, but let’s try to be decent. no? aight, bet. mic check! the mic tight i ain’t start getting hype yet. my guess? my words are too much to digest. so why don’t i not stop and rest? simple is the mission to riddle the intuition of children, building their credibility into their never-ability. takes sk!ll to stay still and straight, yeah. but i make them break deals when i make them say ____. i know. grab a blanket, though. so old and gangsta with my ancient flow. you feel special because it seems scripted. but my cereal is finished and i didn’t mean to break the bowl

- charles hamilton текст песни