charron vs nick cannon – charron текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i wanted lux, mook, hollow, someone of that pedigree
i’m trying to see lists of lyricists not c-list celebrities
but it’s nick cannon, the guy who’s in a nice suit been a fly dude
i’d also beat conceited if he was writing my rhymes too
don’t act like he ain’t scripting this
you get your raps from an elf we know that those ain’t (saint) nicholas
you have no sk!ll, for real, not even a little bit
and you host america’s got talent…you f-cking hypocrite
but he’s an actor, we seen him on the camera homie
love don’t cost a thing, what about mariah’s alimony?
100k, you gon’ pay for this clown
your corpse will have fresh prints (prince) while i fill up banks (philip banks) with this now
put him straight in the ground, you’ll be down under
so you can say “hi” to mariah cause she’s engaged to an australian now
i want someone from slaughterhouse, there’s bigger fish to fry
nick will die in the nick of time, i should battle nickle 9
cause this nick ain’t even in his prime/prhyme
there’s layers to this, straight piff take a whiff of it now
nickelodeon die, your grave dug, i ain’t kidding around
but he’s a gigolo, that don’t get you respect up in this scene
collab with r. kelly but you p-ss us off with your 16’s
b-tch please
while i leave the planet, that’s easy access
this ain’t a place for washed up celebrities to practice
reed richards, it’d be a stretch to say that he’s been fantastic, i’d need elastic, i’m on a (honor) roll and all you’ll ever be (b) is average
so pray to god cause 100 g’s i’m snatching
you’ll need a lord in the ring, no peter jackson
this canadian mc is snapping
they’ll see a cannon used as a battle prop like a civil war reenactment
the north wins
corpses from my blood slides
and i’ve seen you in drumline…but i’ll wait til you put up 100k for that punchline
cause you’re not a battler, you’re a comedian
host, nick cannon? more like bazooka joe
a bubblegum wrapper/rapper that we see as a joke
betting 100 g’s?
when it comes to philanthropy he’s the g.o.a.t
we followed him since nick a teen (nicotine)
so patch it up with me or get smoked
i’m in the hall of fame, you’re just trying out
i’ve been smacked, i don’t wanna fight it out
but after i whoop your -ss i’ll put you in a cast if you don’t cast me for wild n’ out
cause i bet 100k that i’m better than this
you just tweet, all you want is some attention from this
this the preview, i don’t even need the credit from this
this the warning…but i bet he’s too scared to respond to it like that eminem diss
so don’t say this is for smack rappers when the smack k!ller about this
king of the dot, the original put your money where your mouth is

[nick cannon]

- charron текст песни