30 minutes to nothing – chetta текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i dont want a new chain
i want a kilo
one time tryed to hit me
for that rico
two times for you b-tches
on the d-low
my st–z glow
what you need hoe
what you need hoe
i off the p
by the z.o
flexing debo
i know some b’s
and some c folk
lating king smoke
wrist broke
in the kitchen tho
finger l!cking dope
straight drop
running back for more
running back like faulk
who hot?
hand em to the stove
burning all they soul
talk about
till we catch em low
up it with the pole
blow blow
you dont wanna know
you dont wanna know
ive been some places
you dont wanna go
you dont wanna go hoe

i dont want a new chain
i want a new choppa
lil b-tch with all the talking
but want no problems
one time tryed to hit me
for that heart stopper
two times for you hoes
out here screen shotting
been plotting
major d watching
clear the scene c-cking
pellegrino dropping
on the sip and popping
on the sip and pop it
probably with your thotty
probably hurt somebody
i ain’t worried bout it
i ain’t worried bout it
take the hurt up out me
pop a perc im drowning
smoking earth in mountains
roll the turf by ounces
why my lean a fountain?
why i need accountants?
someone tell me bout it
feel like god im gotti
living proof i got it
been the truth
still dont know about me
still dont know about it hoe

- chetta текст песни