2 faced – chiefer nate текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(yuh, yuh)
(uh, we’re next up)
(we’ll bury this sh*t)

yuh, b*tches saw me now she see that i’m flexin’
2 faced keep me out of my mentions
smokin’ so much dope now i never be stressin’
tryna boss up and wear all designer dresses
lookin’ in the cut and you know i keep a ‘2
got a whole clip for him and for you too
make a movie with your b*tch and you know its youtube (p*rnstar!)
bust down wrist and my neck is filled with juice (ice)
got a pill*popper on my right he gon’ shoot
got a perc 30 with a m in this blue
i don’t want your twenties i want money that is blue
hoes want me now ’cause i’m up like who is you
i just want a forеign and you know its a coupe
and i got a foreign b*tch she from paris, bonjour
and wе makin all these bands and you know its nothin’ new
gucci tracksuit with the matchin’ gucci shoes
put you on a team ’cause you know we just better
b*tches used to play me now they mad i forget her
told her not to hit my phone don’t send me no letter
broke my whole heart and i wish i never met her
she just playin’ with me i was done ’cause i let her (f*ck out my face)
i can keep my composure i’m not under pressure
do this everyday i could do this forever
teachin’ all you suckas like your f*ckin’ professor
and i can’t do this anymore
i’m done with you f*ckin’ wh0res
stackin’ money to the floor
playin’ soccer ima score
got all dis money but you know i just want more
keepin all these glocks when we run to the store
pourin’ so much codeine and you know i pour the ‘4
double cup sippin’ and you know i got dior
asians in my dms i’m just tryna press ignore
and you need a lil b*tch ’cause your old chi’ a wh0re
(yuh, yuh yuh yuh)
(uh, uh)

- chiefer nate текст песни