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Songtext von they don’t like me – childish gambino lyrics

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they don’t like me
(feat. chance the rapper)

[childish gambino]
somebody tell they people what the f-ck is up
i’m grindin’ like a doozer looking cool as f-ck
i’m grindin’ i’m most hated but i sell the stage
i’m grindin’ i’m most hated but i’m gettin’ paid

[chance the rapper]
eddy scissorhands is workin’ on my linin’
gettin’ spiffy for these b-tches i be eyeing
fr-fred mercury was playin’ while i’m ridin’
down the ryan, in a scion
and i’m flyin’, but it’s cool, i got insurance
on the run cause i got warrants, but it’s cool i got endurance
it’s cool i got suspended, but in turn i got some earnings
could’ve spent it all on thursday, but i saved it for my parents
but i spent a bit on friday, in the night i hang with donald
i’m tired of mcdonalds, when a chick that cook chicano
that can’t speak a lick of english, and pr-nounce my name like chano
she say something something spanish
i look back like, “b-tch, i know”
tonight, i’ma make decisions for life
it’s a lucy boomer dark lookin’ light, some might drive
that’s that sh-t right there that i don’t like
there that sh-t just had to say
shouts to the n-gg-s that p-ssed away
and shots for the n-gg-s that’s here right now
and shots to the n-gg-s that got away
so sad to say, but it’s all good
n-gg-s gon’ celebrate, and wait for the day
sh-t, that and a with alize
like live from the chi’, it’s sat-rday night

[childish gambino]
used to have some patience, now it’s all gone
force feed these motherf-ckers eatin’ foie gras
force feed these motherf-ckers not a rockstar
i’m a say my piece, these other rappers lockjaw
i don’t think they like me (i don’t think they like me)
i don’t think i’m icy, i think i’m aight, b
n-gg-s wanna fight me? that’s unnecessary
i don’t quit for sh-t, that’s my legendary

[sample: dem franchize boyz “ohh i think they like me”]

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