0 – 100 freestyle – china mac текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

they wanna know who the man behind the mask is
and if he really down to do all his rap says
i ain’t no m-th-f-ckin fool i ain’t no crash dummy
but if he tryna k!ll me i’ma blast homey
and teach my kids by any means like i was malcom x
i’m not promoting violence i’m preaching self defense
so anytime these m-th-f-ckas wanna oak press
and leave my purple blood stain on my motha dress
i’ma pick up the ak and shoot away
bucka ba bucka ba bucka bucka word to lil fame
you ain’t know me if you thinkin this sh-t is rap blood
you can say what you want disrespect’ll get you clapped blood
so watch your mouth ‘fore sh-t get hectic
i done phone checked dudes til it disconnected
i’ma different breed, its nothing to make you bleed
its harder just to cheer up from breakfast to what i read
they say you can tell a man by the company he keep
if thats the case you a know ain’t nothin bout me sweet
check my video, thats about a century on the stage
that means all of us combined did more than 100 in the cage
i dont f-ck with fake dudes, not even if they paid
and these lames stay on they knees, i wouldn’t even if i prayed
stand up, dont know what it is to stand down
i got shooters on deck and they thirsty for mens down
i am destined to win, that’s prophecy hands down
with my pen writin divinci code like dan brown
i am on another plane, yea levels to this sh-t
so ya’ll m-th-f-ckaz talk and we really about this sh-t
so these b-tches ain’t loyal, chris brown said it
b-tch on her knees, dont stop get get it
i’m goin cg and i’m speedin down linux
3 racks for the stash spot hammer all in it
get live on linux you will die on linux
and we gutter, and we shop and fly on linux
i just made a phone call got ly on linux
and he brought his whole team of g5 on linux
now you see me if you blind, hear me if you deaf
i ain’t taking no time off, no rest
i ain’t showing no sympathy, i’m no b-tch
hit you with straight headshots and won’t miss
but i’m back to the flow, guarenteed to make the city speak
let my nuts hang like lil wayne on that o milly beat
bars that’ll flame you, red money gasoline
money that’ll change ya now the industry is watchin me
i’m hot dog, i’m next up, you better catch up
i’m hot dog, yall hot dogs, eat em with ketchup
yum yum eat em up
p-ssy boy i beat em up
talkin all that sh-t on you track boy you weak as f-ck

- china mac текст песни