28 wednesdays later (intro) – chris webby текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, what a f*ckin year it’s been, huh?
let’s set this sh*t off

i’ve been feeling gracious, livin’ life covering my bases
even while the mask, been covering your faces
i’m essential business, money making in my bas*m*nt
still on the cusp of greatness, i can taste it
’cause webby ain’t afraid of a hard days work
see the elbow grease that be on the white stained shirt
i’m a lyrical weapon shootin’ but get my aim first
catch so many bodies got my lawyer on retainer
i am, one of the last jedi on еarth
got my lightsaber wit’ me till they put mе in a he*rs*
better double check my pulse ‘fore you put me in the dirt
’cause i’m hard to k!ll, iron will, pain in the hurt
like fuel to the fire kerosene go get my lighter
i’m a beast, i’m a fighter, i’m a highly trained writer
no reality television christian is a survivor
in the game full of fakes, so i’m known as the supplier of the truth
from my point of view, sh*t ain’t nothin new
i ain’t in the wu, but they throwin; up the w
colonel mustard with the candlestick, y’all don’t got a clue
bare arms in this b*tch like, yabba*dabba*doo
just to move i need 5 bands, know my worth
paying salaries and buying land
you couldn’t do what i’ve done in a hundred life spans
only time i cover my heart up is with my right hand
b*tch i swear to goodness i’ma k!ll it
’bout to get i can feel it in my bones, took a minute now i’m grown
if you listening at home, you could see the evolution
had to get it on my own
they ain’t give me one so b*tch i had to build myself a throne
now i’m sittin’ on it, smokin’ chronic sippin’ gin and tonic
nagasaki with the flow they say my sh*t atomic
quick as sonic when i’m rippin’ sh*t up you don’t really want it, high on snorted product fresh up out the zuno joe exotic
but i earn my stripes though
sh*t i look like shere kahn when the lights low
yo, i’m so f*cking good at rapping when i write though
that there ain’t a single misspelling or a typo
carmen sandiego you don’t even know what spot i’m in
only time i drop a pen it’s a klonopin
when i’m being clumsy better trust me, oh my god i been
fully fueled up baby listen sh*t is on again
ain’t no stoppin’ him, water moccasin
i been drippin’ venom on the mic, hit em wit the right
someone get to kissin’ him goodnight
me and you are not alike, ain’t no synonym in sight
i’m as cold blooded as an amphibian
i’m like the god d*mn people’s champ and i give ’em what they order b*tch
never back down i’m forever insubordinate
fully independent webby never goin’ corporate
only got the red pill, pullin’ up like morpheus
sh*t i’m like freedom of speech in human form
motha’ f*cka’ i was born just to go against the norm
with my thoughts i been brewin’ up a storm
and this is just the start, consider yourself warned
they already tried censoring me so while i’m able
it’s time to lay my nuts on the mother f*ckin’ table
sh*t i’m hbo go hulu and netflix with some disney plus mix b*tch you just basic cable
the label, is eightyhd with a mission, so refill your adderall prescriptions
better pay attention, everybody listen, cause y’all been put to sleep by all the music you been given
so i wrote these raw thoughts in a j paper
was gonna end the album series but i’ll stay later
so go and grab my pills, a bill and a straight razor
it’s 28 wednesdays later

- chris webby текст песни