1100 – cino текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i woke up and saw eleven hundred
then i smiled and thanked god for every one of them
i gotta give ’em something hotter than the regular function
get in my dungeon
severe the tongue, never assumptions
i’m better than most in america’s every coast
everyone rose like that’s one h*ll of a toast
set the metal off and stop asking us to get along
any rapper i diss is dead when i end the song
no debating, i bait ’em and motivate ’em
created this ultimatum
waiting made you lose place in the ranks
we gotta stop chasing the banks
and start bringing big guns and some mace in the banks
aks, let it bang
tasting the pain
it catches your soul as it blaze through your brain
god ain’t made me the same
i’ll be yanking your chain off
if you f*ck around, talking
play with my name, sucker
can’t respond to a diss track, but ain’t shut up
lame f*cker, run you over like crazed truckers
these days, ruckus is typical
life is difficult for this individual
pray for blessings in the physical
done with being miserable
working for a miracle
been cutting ties off ever since my umbilical
1100 tuned in for me’s a big repay
still, i ain’t taken serious without 50k
f*ck it, i don’t care
one day i’ma get there
and surpass it while the bashers live in welfare
b*st*rds, they blastin’ all my hits there
you can’t stand it, i’m expanding while you sit there
hahaha*ha*ha, laughing at the haters
only thing you autographing is affidavits
but i did this for the fans, not the agitators
they just procrastinators who should be thrown to alligators
my team too far ahead, you can’t allocate us
ain’t n0body f*cking with us till the data changes
who gives a f*ck ’bout fake marriages your dad arranges?
skip the page and book it, mark, minus the annotations
this is rap’s sanitation, last generation
i’m blasting the greatest tracks, f*ck the radio
i hate it, though, i wanna get on it spitting that crazy flow
i made it dope enough to open up the door, my name’ll grow
every battle i’m in is 3*0, no debatable
i’m just being honest, don’t believe me? what’s the way to go?
straight to the ring
play with the cino
get that heat flow
you’ll be facing defeat
i’m dangerous to meet
don’t mistake me for meek, b*tch
i been catching bodies
drake pay for the sheets
305, i was raised in the heat
where blazing the weed everyday is a need!

- cino текст песни