1999 – cole hedgecoth текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: alan watts]
so, this goes very deep into us. it goes deep, deep, deep into the problem we have about guilt. that the love of money is the root of evil

[verse 1]
the money isn’t making bags
the riches turning into rags
i know it never was an option
the first is coming to the last
never trusting in the process
treasure running into trash
we don’t ever care what god says
turning the crime into cash
i’ve been ’round and back again
they don’t ever comprehend
the government is listening
tryna steal your dividends
they been cheating like thompson
tryna steal what you defend
i’ve been moving h*lla cautious
never know who you’re against
i’m living forgiving
and do what i do on the daily
chasing the greats like i’m brady
baby i’m all in my sp*ce
and i’m shaking the earth like it’s haiti
i don’t know maybe
you think that you first and i’m second
but you don’t know where i’ve been headed
straight for the session
the street giving credit, the moon taking debit
i’m paying my way into heaven
i’m praying the king don’t think i’m pathetic
i’m waiting to see, i’m just so indebted
to everything, can’t help but regret it
i’m selfish, embellish, develop the relic
i’m boxing the ring, i’m one of the seven
two for the show and three for the medic
taking me home, i know where i’m headed
the moment is wrong, tut i’m stuck in the present
[interlude: alan watts]
if you do a job for the soul purpose of making money, you are absurd, because if money becomes the goal, and it does when you work that way, you begin increasingly to confuse it with happiness, or with pleasure. while it is true that we are all one human family, while it is true, therefore, we should do something about it. changing the situation

[verse 2]
there will never be parades
nothing that we celebrate
pay attention to the culture
you might really be amazed
everything is looking vulgar
back when i was on the stage
i’ve been marching with the soldiers
man i’m barely getting paid
they don’t wanna keep the secrets
always swimming with the leaches
i will never pledge allegiance
we are many, i am legion
everyday i’m getting older
still i’m following the weakest
baby i just needed closure
maybe i just needed jesus
we’ve been overdosing, you don’t even know it
my homies dead on arrival
i’ve been tryna focus as if i was joseph
man i’d be so in denial
til we crossing oceans like another moses
boy you can put it on vinyl
if you never notice, going through the motions
i put my hand on the bible
i’m in the bag fosho
walking through eight below
tryna get paid for shows
but i got ways to go
but that’s the aesthetic
i’m selfish, embellish, develop the relic
i’m boxing the ring, i’m one of the seven
two for the show and three for the medic

- cole hedgecoth текст песни