10th floor – colton belley текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: hospital nurse on intercom]
code medical in the cafeteria
code medical in the cafeteria
code medical in the cafe—

[over intro: psych ward nurse]
we know relapse is an issue
it’s a common issue for all of us, right?
but we don’t want to keep relapsing

[verse: colton belley]
there’s pressed white coats following my every move
eyes in the walls feeding me trays of wretched ooze
listening in to it all, scripting a log of my thoughts
so they can justify keeping me locked in this box
not 24 hours ago i was haphazardly strapped
over tatterеd sheets, ankles and wrists pressed
against thick lеather by these acts of deceit
what happened to me?

- colton belley текст песни