2 thick – conthedon текст песни

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(verse 1: conthedon)

im gonna say f*ck this world
till my last f*ckin breath
scoppin at yo chest
better have a vest
infrared aim it at yo f*ckin head
at yo legs
finna bust a cap
i ain’t cap
feds up on my back
shoutout project pat
sincitypack we smoking sac’s
and counting racks
deep down in the m town
is where its at
f*ck these cops and f*ck these rats
i don’t lack
hopping out the splack
all black
finna run yo ass
for that sac
keep it 10 ten toes
clocks tic’s and i got that tec and i shoot yo toes
thats my type of tic a toe
your girl is a tic tac hoe
and she suckin on the low
and im counting all the dough
i swear im married to the dough
f*ck a hoe
if you hating hope you die slow
i roll deep in the camaro
wit the bass bumping heavy
rock you steady
you ain’t rеady when i pulll out the machetе, b*tch
and i ain’t f*cking wit you tricks
smoking a blunt and this sh*t too thick

i don’t like n0body, but my partner
you understand? i don’t care who you line up, in front of me
ima show you how bad new jack and mustafa is. you wanna talk about violence, violence to you might be putting somebody in the figure four violence to me is taking a can of gas and pouring on you and setting you on fire

- conthedon текст песни