that’s when i’ll believe that you’re gone – craig morgan текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i still get up
and make enough coffee for two
and everyday when i pray
i still thank god for you

even though my friends all tell me
that you’re long gone
i’m gonna keep hanging on
to you

when my heart ain’t hurting
and i’ve got you off my mind
when i know that i can make it
through one day without trying

and i’ve convinced myself
that i am really all alone
baby thats when i’ll believe
that your gone

here i am
makin plans for forever
me and you what to do
we’ve done everything together

my imaginations
workin overtime
the pain has mdae me blind
to the truth


on my own terms
in my own time
soon enough i’ll admit
that you’re no longer mine


- craig morgan текст песни