3. the cause pt.1 – ct the artist текст песни

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(verse 1:
im a do it like whateva homie u are not a threat, im a tell you what i represent and who is why i’m bless, it is not bugging me that you are digging on the fresh, im too young and educated to be dumbing down the text, gone sign the dotted line if you be trying get the checks, im a do it like a car man im tryna wreck uh did i offend you homie im one of the realer i roll with the spirit on me im chopping up the block like the rims with the spinner on em, i breed with gorrilla no jane but im swinging on em tarzaning on ya spot, too many its not alot when most of yall get wheated out (you can be screaming people and not be about the rock)x2 i said it two times incase some haters wonna try, its true cause when you the prophet spitting they gone aim up at ya head but its alright i keep on walking even if its at my legs
screw voices: christian rapper or rapper turnt christian? i dont do this for you i do this for religion , i do this for the living, the one thats dying looking for a way and you up in the middle, im like whatever baby , you can spread the color like a scittle but im right here for my brothers and sisters i ain’t really tripping ) cause it don’t make a difference if n0body still wanna listen, i pray yall get, to the fallen that with it and don’t wanna ever commit i pray that yall listen yeah….pray that yall listen im a come with it even if they never come get it
that’s life on a mission, i throw my 3’s up like dee-1 but im talking bout the trini-ty, godhead that willing to censor me if i don’t pack power grab a senzu bean, whats your life looking like behind that mic bro, are you going physo like you micheal, when i come thru i don’t play spit like rifles, im a tell it like it is i an seen a tri-fold like trifle and i never play games baby, 88 but never late to show the true flames spitting, batman on the scene kicking liu kang crazy, sub-zero for them nero’s who don’t do flames daily, finish him is what they said to the savior, didn’t know that he was dying for me you and your neighbor, huh thats kinda crazy when they say it though, i told you we ain’t never playing bro,…im back and for business these rapper be wacking the witness they lacking the fitness, im a come with it, i promise i spit with the quickness the truth if you get it, live that remission he died for the sin and you did i know that you did it, i did it myself that why i got to go witness, i gotta be honest… people running they only be chasing the goddess the cars and the pilots, thinking they got it, don’t know that they life got some mileage, and you over miling, you should just get it, like nick cannon you love the wildn but you just be wining, i know that you hoping truth and one day you gone find it, i hope that you find it find it find it

- ct the artist текст песни