21stsentjury – cubes naila текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

verse 1: cubes naila
holding hands and touching my cheek
i thought i’m strong enough to keep happiness in discreet
perfectly timely, little diamonds are what you mean
i’m holding on to what’s left because nothing is of no use

limited messages saying be cheerful
our world is full of stains and only wisdom can restore it
we learn to hate to feel happy how happy makes you sick
and if it went your way you’d still be going out your way

i didn’t miss your shot but d*mn i missed your point
lets talk about women getting beatings and differing violence
a loud amount of help vs mizing rape attempts
i learnt that sheep would shed a tear to leavе them full of smiles

but brothers and sistеrs are k!lling just for fun
is it for social acceptance to feed the ego more
how does h0m*s*xuality fit into your pockets
you can’t handle your women but you questioning their human (d*mn)

what did you think she was crying for…
undressed her with anger and ate the fruit with a bl**dy sword
remember how she tried her best to break your own eagerly bond
and you took that as an agreement to round it off
dirty little devil…you deserving no remorse
addicted to something you can’t acquire for yourself
its made in your concious that everything involves a fight
i agree with the ladies a portion of the gents are a trash

yeah we feel the difference that’s lurking for the shine
we can’t express the pain because feeling it is a crime
tell me how does one become a monster with no trial
society has us captive the key is in what we know

we fighting opposing threats
it’s us against ourselves
pride attacks forgiveness and
arrogance hates the good

i’d feel the pain for you and not everything should be good
if you were first i’d clap my hands and rejoice that it is possible

hook: irvin
woke up to the news another story
this is it we should stop now
why the keep on k!lling women, why they keep on k!lling children x2
we should be the ones protecting them
but we’re the ones that’s k!lling them

verse 2: irvin
what makes you think that you man enough
laying up your hands on her it ain’t man enough
know it ain’t right…
something is wrong…
blood on your hands that’s a curse x2
that’s a curse..
blood on your hands that’s a curse

- cubes naila текст песни