100mg – cxl mxck текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

next patient please
my boy how have you been
take a seat young man
now tell me what brings you in
to be honest doctor ive never felt worse
my skin itches, i’m so down and i’m slurring all my words
help me doctor i feel so lost, i can’t he found
tell me what to do so that i can return to feeling sound
doctors said son we will have rid of all that
have you ever heard of setraline let me state the facts
this will make you feel better and you won’t feel so depress
there’s just onе small catch * we take your sadness and thе rest
doctor these are great i can’t feel a f*cking thing
but i also can’t write, i can’t think and i can’t sing
i’m feeling kinda numb this is normal tell me so
my boy you should’ve said, we,ll just double up that dose
now my brain is doing forward flips
and i still wanna cut my wrists
i’m feeling kind of up and kind of down and i feel sick
i feel wavey i feel hazey
i feel like i wanna go
go to bed
for all my days
give up now
and pass away
i wanna feel fine
i wanna feel good
i wanna feel something, i wish i could
f*ck it im gonna go it’s took it’s taken it’s toll
but first let’s mix these pills with a bottle of alcohol
oh my goodness
it’s worked and now i’m fixed
i’ve found the remedy, i call it my pill and booze mix
why was i even sad, this night it is gonna be mad
pass me another bottle let’s let this night be had
beers beers beers, chatting about sh*t
i’m feeling good my lord it’s lit lit lit
well this has been so great one of the best i’d say
now i better go home lay right down and hit the hay
oooooooo i’m feeling good
oooooooo i’m feeling good
i’m feeling high i’m feeling low

- cxl mxck текст песни