2020 anthem – cxrpse текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

half the n*ggas i know been on opp sh*t
all this talking but not bout to pop sh*t
if i died h*lla n*ggas would watch it
take out they phones while im taking the glock spit
why the f*ck do i feel like the enemy
p*ssy n*ggas is draining my energy
promise you boy you ain’t no friend of me
know you hating you want my abilities
everybody i been f*cking with been on the same sh*t
sucking on d*ck to get famous
driving foreign cars
dumb n*gga you brainless
yo life is just entertainment
i been on real sh*t
i had to f*ck up a check
to get on this drill sh*t
i wanna k!ll sh*t
you in a discord
dumb n*gga you getting k!lled quick
maybe i need me a break
maybe i made a mistake
being a rapper cuz evеry n*gga been fake
you could sit at the table
ill makе you a plate
or you could be my opposition
bunch of n*ggas would k!ll for my position
you too p*ssy to deal
with the conditions
you are not real
i have no competition
whole gang going up and you n*ggas is mad
you sit on the internet extra sad
its 2020 and i think that its funny
that you got no money and extra ass

- cxrpse текст песни