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Songtext von take my pain – cypress hill lyrics

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“take my pain”
(feat. everlast)

im at a strange point of my life, my spirit ignites,
im destined for heights, i’m so solid with the quest of the life,
im under pressure but the time is right,
for me to look inside of myself, the time p-sses by every night,
im searching for answers meanwhile my faith does surprise,
and my neighbours are looking at me with hate in their eyes,
quad and tea, the streets filled with death and lies,
was set up to die but we plant seeds to rise,
so when day comes pray so a miracle will keep it protected,
some of us gotta go but you know it you expect it,
i gotta believe, in more than i see,in something better than this, whatever it is,
i need a quate before my feeling is gone,
maybe my feeling is wrong
but ill embrace it like a beautiful song,
i feel something strong coming along,
i cant explain what it is, but i’m relaxed till my mind is gone.

day destroys the night,
night divides the day,
reaper’s hold is tight,
lord take my pain away.

this feeling is h-tting me hard, my soul is scarred,
the feeling is saw like i’m getting a message from god,
believin in cause, no one believes in the laws,
the reason the strong breaks – a soul is lost,
im searching for my soul in a myst of boldest insanity,
i’d vanity my home is a warzone callamity, randomly,
tragedies happen i’m sick of this life,
i’d give in a minute the vicapri is from stripe,
gotta bond with the new brothers, leditucci and
cheddars survival of our mothers would be proud of us,
when the day comes and we rise the high of our faith,
and nothing can touch us, we dont the feel the mothers,
now the bees inside of my head, the life that i lead,
left me for dead and lost on the path that i tread,
i blade so many to rest, from family to friends
we pretend it doesnt happen, but when will it end?

day destroys the night,
night divides the day,
reaper’s hold is tight,
lord take my pain away.

i gotta new thought in my mind, in a matter of time,
ill be in a sublime state of the spiritual kind,
my family is holding me high, theyre nervous inside,
i can see in their eyes pride but the eyes dont lie,
if the celebration continues ill follow my heart,
and my home is being infected from the poisonous dart.
its fallin apart, i dont wanna see its demise.
so imma have to make a difference to remember i tried,
my brother and sister smiling as i leave in the night,
my mother kisses me on the cheek and my father is quiet,
no words need to be said as my patters begun, cause
nothing can break the chain of a father and son,
as i take a step in the street where my destiny lies,
tryin to focus, my nerves got my stomach in ties,
rollin in a club god d-mn these people are young,
but needs to be done so ill reach you over the hoe.

day destroys the night,
night divides the day,
reaper’s hold is tight,
lord take my pain away.

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