2420 flow – d. bledsoe текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(blvck achilles)
set us forward 400 yrs
2420 flow no fears
‘you seen what i hear retina get pierced
on da pier dress like a pierce
fears inna fronto and toast cheers
the coast clear
you won’t find a hoax here
press play u think a ghost here
it’s goats here, animal farm
i don’t even want yo’ girl but it’s clear she can’t handle the charm
*insert quote from the mack here*
don’t play no rap in my whip only jazz there
bend a corner won’t spill a drink on this cashmere
solid n*gga from da cradle to the casket
put them paws on yo’ head you need a cat scan
bask in the sunshine
whitney slappin this in heaven while the blunts fry
press play you hear my heart
bring da pain yo im method man on methadone
if trouble come use yo brain like a telephone
never spoke
too tired cold decision like a eskimo
sketchs of spain out the megaphone

i get nervous * dont wanna say too much too fast
they say the good die young im just tryna make it last
forever * i feel more like keith sweat than a martyr
im wayne pre*carter * hot boy * on fire

read the cobblestone flowerpot * drop it like its hot
knowledge * left the garbage outside on the block

a man is not defined by what he does for work
but i dont know how god feels about dealin out hurt

views a little different from the sidewalk to the penthouse
livingroom a sunken place* with my white girl * get out

homie thats my business * love is love
you ain’t gotta wash my dishes * you ain’t gotta take my drugs

this high is exclusive * happiness so elusive
i be catchin waves * so big * n*gga ima cruise ship

drip * ain’t nothin new it’s religious now
sit it down in a drought * get it back again to drown

waves dont die * find new beaches
who am i trip? look at how they did jesus
holy rosario dawson * run quick see
a million eyes watchin * watchin me

- d bledsoe текст песни