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Songtext von it’s brat (tupac back remix) – da brat lyrics

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“it’s brat (tupac back remix)”
(feat. jermaine dupri, mister)

[jermaine dupri – echoing]
this is a, so so def, world premier
a world, premier
so so def, world premier

[da brat]
it’s too late now, sh-t i’m already a convict
i been convicted, but i done done my time
y’knahmsayin? my whole life been turned upside down and inside out
i done lost a whole gang of opportunities
it’s hard for me to a muh’f-ckin car, a crib
a condo without a co-signer, sh-t
but no matter what i do, where i go
i got a shadow n-gg-, and that b-tch named felony
y’knahmsayin? but i’m still a muh’f-ckin survivor
and no matter what y’all think of me, i’m still smilin!
i’m still goin to court, still takin pictures
still signin muh’f-ckin autographs
but soon i’ma go crazy, cause i’m tired of tryin to defend myself
from muh’f-ckers that keep tryin to steal my joint
this so so def for life n-gg-, and i’m the motherf-ckin brat
don’t forget that sh-t!

n-gg- it’s brat (yeah) n-gg- it’s brat
that’s what all these b-tches screamin that, n-gg- is brat
take a look at me now, i’m ’bout to fire it up
n-gg- oh i think they like me cause i’m fly as f-ck
that’s what i’m lookin fo’, brat don’t go nowhere see they pay me
and i’m stackin my paper i need a brand new mercedes
they screamin n-gg- it’s brat (yeah) n-gg- it’s brat
that’s what all these b-tches screamin that, n-gg- is brat

[da brat]
since the day of my birth, i’ve been throwin a tantrum
bein a menace to society, i die for my family
i be grippin them hammers, point blank range on them hits
i was hired by j.d. to blow a hole in you bi-tches
my motto is pay me, or see my frame in the pen
when they stopped us from smoke i let one newport go for ten
don’t worry i got it ye know
i’ma give it to you now worse than i gave it to you then
i’ma beast with the pen
and my lease in this sh-t don’t never end
i was destined to win
soon as they let a b-tch out my life begin
then i jumped on the remix
and realized how much i’ve been missed my fans
feedback, i need that; let’s all get high where the weed at?
it’s ladies night and i’m “funkdafied” ain’t no one else like the brat
i’m what you like; even with the lights turned out you still see me
back on lobster and steak, no more mystery meat
i got that ghetto love, every n-gg- and they b-tch wanna f-ck
i can’t give enough to none of you busters
’til i’m dead and my casket covered up


yeahhhhh, yeah, m.r., some of y’all like hey who’s that?
explain that later but for now b-r-a-t’s back
i had that range doin calisthetics just to evac’
finally done with weekend visits, no more dealin with hacks
my homey call, i’ll be there, in a lickety split
you don’t want no tensions want no problems kept them tools in my kicks
so let’s get high, mind blowin, now you back in the mix
let’s get it crackin like the knicks you makin cake in this beeiiiiitch
betty crocker… urlacher…
keep them hits comin… hurt locker…
how we bomb sh-t… let’s make it happen baby
goin off the hook now, saw da brat lately?
but of course! these n-gg-z out they mind
like where the h-ll they been? you runnin out of time
don’t make me [?] on my nuts, these n-gg-z tryin to ride
it’s rare breed, tnt, yeah that’s b-side


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