2020 interlude – daisha mcbride текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
i know it ain’t just me the world been wildin’ lately
dancing around these issues like we alvin ailey
i know a couple of blacks and a couple of whites
a couple of real friends who always ready to fight
i know the best is yet to come, i body just for fun
i’m irish so i stack my money tall as leprechauns
i might just wreck the song
should put my exes on but now i get a check from writing songs about em, karma
im pro black and pro love and pro yes another round
we know daisha can rap so this is me giving another sound
my bruddas told me get em watch me hold the barrel steady
and my homegirl in the corner boutta fade to another becky
this is for the girl who tried to tell me i’m conceited, facts
this is for the dm’s that i slid in who ain’t hit me back
we roll up 20 deep man what a team a presidential motorcade
on the dance floor they know i’m freaky with the shoulder blades
the captain of the future
sci*fy in here going stupid boy
this my 9*5 i hope the boomers don’t get too annoyed
this might just be my newest ploy
this might just be the wave now
send this verse to anyone who is hoping that i stay down

- daisha mcbride текст песни