30 hours freestyle – dame (us) текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

she want that
she want that
she want that 30 hour d-ck
wanna lay up n sh-t
binge watch n sh-t
i got moves to make
you got 30 minutes
the lavish life
comes with sacrifices
more than you know
never sold my soul
their run in this game
as long
as day 26
decided at 26
i’d be the next to do it
this music
the flood gates are open
all these rhymes in my head
wit no one to hear them
because i fear the opinions
of people that don’t matter
i’m either
trapped in a box
or a cage
feeling like i only have but
so many ways
basic b-tches
making me feel
but if they looked into
their own life
they’d see their own
daddy issues
my points of view
it be the same ones
that think little of you
thank you very much
i’m saying all of this
to say
do you
black man
pick your head up
stay true
a lot of this
was designed to suppress you
impress who?
what they do for you
where they -ss was at
can’t get that time back
i’m learning from my mistakes
i find myself speaking less
these days
would love to talk n debate
n help the ones at stake
but i think they’re
too far gone
please prove me wrong
the best i could do
is put it in a song
that you may never hear
cuz you n-ggas
don’t support no n-ggas
y’all n-ggas
y’all pick n choose
mad at me
mad at ye
as you drink
your frappacino
from starbucks
black lives matter
what the f-ck
more divisive tactics
that don’t bring us together
thoughts runnin deep
doin too much
they don’t wanna hear
me speak

dame dame dame

say somethin provocative
get the people goin

i got yo b-tch in love
with this uncirc-mcised
as her tongue
orbits my d-ck
help me forget
how they got me feeling
as i nut in her eye
now she forest whittaker
now i’m your favorite rapper
tell em stop playin favorites
n hatin on the kid
cuz i ain’t into
all that clout chasing sh-t
if you nodding yo head
then show the kid some respect
certificate say atlanta
it’s not where you from tho
it’s where you at
n-gga where you at
if nc is home
then put a n-gga on the map
and i shouldn’t have to run
to new york
to do that
waiting outside
of k 97.5
for 30 hours
like ain’t n0body driving
at 5
until they play my sh-t
where is wade banner
before i turn into david banner
and tell that n-gga
that i’m holdin thor’s hammer
that’s them hits
how long could i keep
this going
my n-gga
like 30 hours
all i know is
i’m tyna
get it in
before a n-gga hit 30
is it me
or is time moving
too fast
especially since
i just woke up
how i just start
and they already gotta
catch up
how they already feeling
enjoy your time
you know it’s precious
you signed a death wish
if i ain’t on the guest list
someone please
come get your mans
if they don’t know who i am
who i am
who am i
who am i
introvert dame
but my d-ck ain’t shy

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