wait on me – danny malone текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

everyday this weight on me
this weight on me, this weight on me
everyday it’s heavier to lift
and you don’t have to wait on me
to wait on me, wait on me
that would just be so nice if you did

cuz i’m filled up with broken parts
with broken parts, broken parts
i’m someone you’ll probably never fix
all loose ends and broken starts
and now we don’t have to make this hard
that would just be so nice if we did

let’s do what people do
like wait up to stay up
hey hey!
we could say what people say
like, “can’t things just stay this way?”

maybe you should move away
move away, move away
go try new york city with your friends
cuz i planned on moving anyway
to la, anyway
wouldn’t that be so nice if i did?

let’s do what people do
like wake up, and make up
hey hey!
everything we say
things can’t just stay this way

so if you want to make that call
well make that call, make that call
i’m sure i’ll find somewhere else to go
and the only way to find yourself
is by yourself, by yourself
well, what if you’re someone you don’t really wanna know?

- danny malone текст песни