117. boohoo! ktsk! kiritsukeru tsurai suraisu-ken! – dannyagbayani текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

d*mn dani, another one?

i feel ignored, boohoo!
woe is me
weep for me as well
for i’m one h*ll of a crazy ass m*o*f*o
i’m o’ yell?
kiritsukeru: tsurai suraisu*ken
what the f*ck does that mean?
slash with excruciating slices sword
gots to tell
h*ll bent on weeb sh*t then?
hit up, sike, ya mike
cammy sucks at fireb*lls
rrr, cummy, you like?
sell your soul as well, then
honeysuckle, burn, knuckle!
i ain’t humble
yummy, yummy, yummy
she got cum in her tummy
and she feels like cummin’ too
cammy, go bite it off like a wh0re, in a few
fightin’ for more, ooh
i made sense in this rhyme, dude?
no, like definitely for sure, how rude
i exude all types a malcontent, now move
shoo! go away, okay?
begone, foul daemon!
i’m blamin’ your foul presence, not guessing
giftin’ you this lesson
berated, it’s dated
ill*fated to die at my hands
too late then?
i’ll give up nothing
rhyming out my ass will sedate them
cousin, you buggin’, you say
ever*loving motherf*cking c*nt i am?
okay, it doesn’t fit me, it fits you
you unfit, so sue me
undo me
i dare ya, to refuse me
you refuse, rrr garbage, waste
a distasteful testament, abased, full of hate
like trump toward immigrants south of the border, mate
i’ma go h*lla off topic, huh? in this sh*t? bruh
dude, one screwed over rhyme i write, with a bad mood
with trump bashin’ too
hoho, i’m crazy good, no
bad to the rotten apple core
i bore you? good, hahaha!
i laugh off topic like, “hahaha!”
un0bvious like, like i’m actually making sense, maybe, maybe not
factually, a fallacy
you’d laugh at me? good
the average plea from a b*st*rd like thee
hate you, i do, not casually
a dastardly m*o*f*o*u*r
i’ma go blasting thee to smithers
mr. smithers
you’re a wrinkly old simp
simpson’s instance, a billionaire?
so what? i don’t f*ckin’ care
you heard?
you nerd, go suck a bookend
i blurted out
you a chick that lays fowl, foul eggs, i spout

- dannyagbayani текст песни