30 piece – darriusthegreatest & ttropicana текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

so high
it feels right
won’t t lie

so high
it feels right

magazine filled with mothaf-ckin 30 piece
these bullets turn you to surgery
n-ggas act like they know me
ain’t even spoke to the
i can’t let all these newbies
try to get close too me
try to burn me down like
notre d-mn with open heat

in the summer at the hamptons
i can’t go sleep
cause people push start mcclarnes
and start to sing like
rev it so loud i had to stop the beat
momma calling my phone
hoping i be a king
when i snezze achoo you better bless me
think you hot and you cool, well n-gga test me
i created these moves where n-ggas need me
hottest in the 912 you best believe me
had to take a year off, i had to do it too em
but i ain’t never fell off, this just a new edition
no bobby brown, but when i pull up in yo town
i got yo people bowing down like im jesus no need for beefing with me

thats how the story goes
this a verse right for the bible
only heaven knows

i wanted grammys before i can dip my motherf-cking toes
in open water, where they drown you on the shallow coast

but only lord knows
man i told them only lord knows
but only lord knows
turn me in to meek mill and let them lord knows
(verse 2)
lord knows
better open doors
can’t let these door close
brother needs college paid
can’t let these doors close
parents penny pinching
$20 dollars for some dinner
on this christmas
its my business
to open these doors hoe

trop got to get it too
kwasi, manny, mixed with pong
you know thats f-cking crew

promise to hold yall down
when im out here making moves
cause when im always feeling hurt
they always care about the dude

- darriusthegreatest ttropicana текст песни