24 – dave zup текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

you got me writing these rhymes
i found this beat online
so word to chris wheeler
i know i don’t know you
i just figured this would sound better with vocals
so i put some on it
i just had a hour to k!ll
last 24 i’ve been 24 for real
and i’m still on point
i still work the room
and i still rap like it’s nothing to lose
my mom said she don’t see it as my ticket though
she thinks i’ll make it but just for something different so
i’m cool with it
i trust intuition
i’m so wide*eyed i’d like to narrow the vision
i feel distant from the person i was
i got friends in music
and friends i trust
and i know its kind of sad i define it like that
but i’ve learned certain friends will put a knife in your back
i know more than i did whеn i started
there’s no morе quote marks on my artist
i’ve grown to appreciate the value of a dollar
and i know theres a difference in what’s popping and what’s proper
it’s as simple as how to hold a microphone
simple as don’t live on a timeline
simple as not talking because you can but knowing when to talk at the right time
and i text mike posner for advice
he said don’t try to be big
just be nice
cuz everybody got something to fix
so i said good talk
i’m glad he mess with the mix
this kind of sounds like a roots beat
maybe that’s why i wrote it on loose leaf
i just went 12 months past my 23
i’m thinking this could be my year
i feel like it’s that cole world
premeditated murder she wrote
i’m heating up like jalepenos thats added to a pot of jambalaya cooked on 3 stoves
i’ll know i’ve made it once i’ve got a song with ceelo
and before my candle ceased the flame
i had already made my wish
i wanna be respected for the quality of what i’ve done
even if they don’t deem it a hit
yeah i’m this many years and i got like this much
i refuse to let myself stray from this love
cuz even if i got less than what i first brought on board
i still got more than i could ever afford
i’m 24
jack bauer like i’m 24
kobe bryant like i’m 24
i’m 24
i’m 24 now
i’m 24 now
i’m 24
i’m 24 now
i’m 24 now
i’m 24 now
i’m 24 now
i’m 24 now
i’m 24 now
bout to kick in the door now

- dave zup текст песни