100k freestyle – dc the don текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, worldwide
mike g, you can’t do this to ’em, man

wait, stop, freeze, watch that boy walk with that st**z
your tank just landed on e
my sh*t it drive with no keys
i’m like stop, freeze, spray this b*tch out with febreze
been ballin’, makin’ it bling
raf simmons mixed with feline
n*ggas be talkin’ out ass
you n*ggas talk out yo neck
pull up with choppas, big stew keep that draco
it’s time that you p*ssies show daij some respect
pull up with big boys
b*tch i’m your big homie
feel like ra with them clips on me
vvs diamonds no pinks on me
that b*tch, that b*tch, sucked on my d*ck for my cat b*tch
just got extorted from baggage
b*tch i been living real lavish
call me lil daij, lil stewart
cost me fifty*hundred*thousand for some slippers
that b*tch a tortoise, so she standing likе a lizard
my boy you stupid, you look goofy, ’cause you tizzard
tizzard, you stupid ass n*gga you tipped her
and shе flat from the wings but i ripped her
that lil b*tch tryna take off my zipper
uber, lil b*tch, gotta take you a uber
bought her pink but that sh*t didn’t suit her
i kept it raw now she look like a loser
b*tch over twenty*five so she a cougar
i’m not complaining n*gga i’ma screw her
i’m not a quitter n*gga, i’m a do*er
b*tch tried to take a ride like i’m a scooter
i got a plaque in the south
them n*ggas about, them n*ggas that talk with a lisp
the boys that ride round in them caddys
them real swinging bodies
them boys that just talkin’ like this
n*ggas still wearing lacrosse
still wearing that ralph
but n*gga i ain’t rockin’ that sh*t
i got them rocks in my mouth
that slime on my t**th
the ones they don’t like when they eat
used to be hungry as f*ck, get food off a bus
until i start eating these beats
i made ten racks in a day
i’m finally fame
my n*ggas move off of the east
booted, my n*gga i’m zooted
she think i’ma fall in love with her
b*tch i’m not cupid, my bro got that salad
my b*tch got a booty, she h*lla boujee, you gotta move it
get out my face, i feel like blac youngsta
i might cop a bentley, remember them days when i still want a hummer
there go my cousin, he pull up he bustin’
he still the same way, but if some n*ggas try him, then i’m dumpin’
i get to spend it, my n*ggas stay down, then i split
stay down with my brothers, this some family business and sh*t
talking sh*t out your mouth, you can get hit with a d*ck
we shoot shots out the roof
stacking our loot, you n*ggas ain’t shooting for sh*t, b*tch

- dc the don текст песни