13 rounds cant put me down (prod. trill jojo) – deadfigure$ текст песни

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come for the fade if you talking sh*t
dropping them bodies
im running the pit
pray to ya gods
i busted their lips
summon my demons
no you cannot win
this blood i am fiending
it goes to my head
im ripping and shredding
till theres nothing left
i hollow your squad
bankai now you dead
they hunting me down
but i am the best

gripping the chopper
my ak gon slaughter
i come for your daughters
you know im a monster
my demons i conjure
they ask for a dollar
then k!ll as they please
massacre like a bomber

you know i want violence
but you keeping silent
so i start a riot
your friends keep on dying
its so satisfying
dismember their bodies
cause im terrifying

beat em down
100 round
put them bodies on the ground
h*ll will rise
night will fall
demon king will rule you all

bl**dy knife
one quick slice
i end your life

hate my life

- deadfigure текст песни