’21 freestyle – dechen kezang текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1: dechen kezang]

out from a battle with myself i think that i’ve won
out from another tragedy i should do what i want
and when i want, ‘cuz life can hit me with a one
and a two, straight jabs to the temple
i ain’t finna run
i ain’t finna lose
i got dirt on my hands i got stains to prove
on my shirt, understand this the life i choose
check my bruise
lotta ups and downs, been always on the move
brother i was stressin’, now i’m lettin loose
cracked the code now, i’m all up in the news like
psych! what you stumbled upon is just the weatherman
how i took the game by storm, droppin’ bombs like the taliban
hit you twice with the bars and thе flow like a boomerang
take it with a grain of salt, howеver you understand, my man
i ain’t got no plans

i just bring the heatwaves, like back in my school days
little dk with pjs with straight as
nowadays, the protege’s the entree, on replay to replace the cliches
i ain’t claimin’ im awakened, i reckon my adolescence
never shakin’, i’m slowly learnin’ my lessons
through sessions of veterans talkin’ ’bout tensions and options
and how the substance behind the curtains be crushin’ your vision
ironic how the pill got you searchin’ for medicine
got you ill, thought you was buzzin’
tryna reach for that mil, but you keep askin’ for more
the more the highs, the lower the lows
a blow in your chest and down you go
dear brother you ain’t alone, look at how much you’ve grown
you can get back up
you gon come back stronger like a true d*mn thug
flowin through your veins is the bhutan blood (bhutan blood)
yeah yeah got that bhutan blood
show the world what the f*ck we got
show the world what the f*ck is up

[verse 2: ayejamp]

a*y*e and i’m on the beat
and i see i see, all that is happenin
anxiety, it got me crumblin scared as f*ck that i ain’t makin it
paranoid when i see them new faces yuh
everyday and i’m runnin new races, huh?
tired of being scared, just wanna face this fear
twenty years but i feel like i’ve wasted all
but wait
i ain’t done though
hunnid bands, till i make it, imma run through
put the city on the map like kenny kung fu
put my brothers on first class, what you gon do?
just some months ago, it was cold as h*ll
really felt like i was walking on a cul*de*sac
momma told me i should focus on my inner self
so i did
i let my demons go
and i’m trapped no more
things that i say, it ain’t just for show
pain without the gain
i’ve been through it all
rappin from my heart, i ain’t playing at all (so)
i won’t contemplate about my wrong doings
i know i’m human and i make mistakes
i’m tryna break out, out my sh*lls
f*ck the haters and f*ck the doubters
but hey
i don’t blame you
if i were not me i would hate me
cause i know what i am but i’m tryna break through
think its too late but at least i tried too (yeah)

[outro: dechen kezang & ayejamp]

(oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah, yeah yeah)
(and i’m finna breakthrough ay)
(breakthrough, breakthrough said i’m finna break through ay)

taking it back to the days when i thought that i never could make it
the voices inside of my head, they kept tellin’ me that i was better off dead
i was faded
under the radar, was jaded, i pasted a smile on the life that was wasted, sedated
always be stressin, they tellin’ me i should be thankful, not take it for granted

i question why i was created (yeah yeah)
and wake up tomorrow
i’d still feel the same but i’ll try to be better
i swear it
you know i’ve been tryin’ my best to get back on my feet and go get it
i pack all this heat, and go crush all the beef with myself
it’s a promise to all of my brothers
i won’t be defeated!
i won’t be defeated!
(i will not be defeated)

- dechen kezang текст песни