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you keep on talkin’ sh*t, then i won’t give a sh*t, i call that constipation
this star gon’ line ’em up, no constellation
they sayin’ i’m a abomination, when i send ’em off
just like a vacation, your soul and body gon’ get separated
run your mouth and get a grave, i’m on the path that i paved
i made my own way, i call that being brave
i’ma lead the way, i’m a leader anyways, i can lead this
anyways, got up out the hood made my escape
still got guns in my estate, run up in my house
and you gon’ be afraid, beef with me, yeah, that’s a mistake
my chopper peel off his face, bullets’ what’s you gonna taste
ain’t nun’ gonna remain, no, i will not hesitatе
like you ’bouta take a step, i’ll makе your soul elevate
light him up just like that holiday, when i’m clappin’
like we celebrate, take him down that long road like an interstate
they wanna complain, about what i create, because i’m great
i’m a renegade, i switch it up just like i renovate
spittin’ ’til i suffocate, they hate that i retaliate
they sayin that i’m trash, then they ain’t got no taste
opinions don’t mean sh*t to me, so that’s a waste, f*ck your bullsh*t, that’s a waste
i’m drawin’ when it’s sketchy, it gets deadly, i will put you in the chevy
when it sing like it was nelly, got it kickin’ like it’s messi
wrap the body up so it ain’t messy
b*tch, i used to kick dough, flip his top and light him up, just like a zippo
let it shine, just like a disco, when i stretch him like a limo
tlc, i’m creepin’ like i tip toe, dare yo’ ass to trip, hoe
run yo’ lip hoe, got it on my hip bone, split you like a wish bone
i am on my throne, i feel like al capone, move around just like a cone
he better watch his tone, i will send him to the unknown
when i’m sprayin’ like cologne, put yo’ ass below, don’t get exposed
when i unload, yeah, i’m in my zone, goin’ harder than a stone
like daffy, b*tch, i spit, watch my english
i am lit, make the beat submit, yeah, they want me to quit
but i won’t do that sh*t, b*tch, i’m ’bout that action
i will whack him, drop him like some ashes, i will teach him like some classes
when i put him in a casket, got him drippin’ like it’s fashion
in case you didn’t know, yes, b*tch, i pack a pole, i’ll leave him cold
got him droppin’ like its snow, strike him like i bowl
smoke him like a bowl, shang tsung, take his soul, put him in a hole
ain’t no actin’, b*tch, i’m on a roll, my chopper speakin’ español
your ship’s about to go down like the titanic
air ’em out when i wave, like i’m fannin’, i’ll run up in yo’ house
and start causin’ damage, beat your headin’ like i’m shaq
with the back when i slam it, this b*tch gon’ be singin’ like it’s janet
feed yo’ homies, they gon’ turn on you when you leave ’em famished
and for them haters that see i’m winnin’, no, we can’t bury the hatchet
got my dough up like a garage, cut your hands off
if you tryna sn*tch it, you gon’ get boxed like muhammad
i had that four wheel drive when i was stuck in the mud
yes, b*tch, i was baggin’ that bud, that life i lived was rough
kept that toolie tucked, bang that hammer like a judge, that bullsh*t
b*tch, i’ve had enough, i got the shotgun in the front
i’ll spark that b*tch just like a blunt, keep on actin’ tough
flip yo’ ass just like a stunt, body bag him like a zip
you an actor, stick to ya script or see the light, then the dark, no eclipse
like a cane, b*tch, i walk with that stick, you keep on talkin’ sh*t
you better watch your six, i brought that tool, but i’m not here to fix
shootin’ like i play for the knicks, like a tic tac
you know what i meant, straight to god, when you ascend
lay you on the cement, that’s your end, i recommend that you defend
no, i don’t play pretend, b*tch, i intend that you get wet
yeah, i’m that threat, if you upset, then you’ll regret making me step in
all black just like a silhouette, don’t let me find ya address
cuz that sh*t’ll get correct, put your family
in distress, after i collect, you’ll be on that express
straight to h*ll, you’ll get torment, do not tolerate
disrespect, if he kept his mouth shut then it could’ve been prevent

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