one beer (freestyle) – dell the rapper текст песни

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[verse 1]
i’m wildin’ to the point, beyond captivation
it’s hard to be active, without the activation
the act of patience, is f-cking torture
cause the longer that i wait, these n-gg-s think
it’s a p-ss, to take it

i’m too stubborn to allow the interference
cause i’m barely getting by, with my attitude and appearance
so i’m making this, taking this, shaffership rap
never could relate to this, based on hits, tracing this track
these n-gg-s called me a hater, but this is how i curve it
i’m just mad, the n-gg-s getting rewarded, just don’t deserve it
yeah, i’m salty motherf-cker, you n-gg-s is slugs
ya’ll f-cking soft, it seems like, all ya’ll need is a hug
sentimental, cause your daddy, and your mom don’t get along
but i’m the reason, cause you caught me, and your mommy in a thong
put your clothes on girl, this little n-gg- trippin’
i’ll be downstairs, waiting on your -ss in the kitchen, b-tch
disrespect i praise that, bars, you couldn’t phase that
been a place, of compton and long beach, where i’m raised at
face facts, don’t care, if you criticize or rape me
i’m like malcolm x, i want ya’ll motherf-ckas to hate me, n-gg-
michael cera night, i’m superbad, this super pen and pad
got n-gg-s angry, and super mad, i.o.g.b., important four letters
cause it’s nothing but improvement, b-tch, it’s only getting better
it’s only getting crazier, as long, as i’m alive
so i’m thinking that they after me, i just need to survive
either get them or get got, shoot for greatness or get shot
i never sugarcoat it, so might f-ck around and get popped
speaking the truth, get you casted out, i’ve been a loner, all my life
so f-ck it, i’ll take the faster route
ask about my life, i’ma take my lyrics, and p-ss em out
it’s more than change, arranging the game, changes, with cash amounts
the b-tches smell successful tension, from a mile away
thinking they gone pull him, by running a quarter mile a day
better start embracing this moment, because this style’s gone fade
the real n-gg-, decides to stay

- dell the rapper текст песни