1 min freestyle – demygea текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

*humming tone*

(can you introduce me as.. smiley)

i just want my freedom (aye)
you just wanna keep it (aye)
i just want a freedom (aye)
you just tryna keep it (aye)
aye aye look
yo momma a b*tch (aye)
you is a snitch (aye)
call you 69 you is tekashi 6… (aye)

(hold up i’m not finna play with these n*gga)
b*tches selling p*ssy ion even wanna buy it
that sh*t fishy you need to hide it
yo girlfriend won’t tell you cause she bias
b*tch shut up i’m playing 2k i’m tryna focus on these free throws
f*cking a relationship chasing a bag can’t be focus on these hoes
think i’m a polyamory cause i need more then 3 hoes
oh wait that means i’m just a dog
my ole girl use to say i bark too much that’s my only dialogue
imma still act this way until i ain’t thе underdog
might start a onlyfans
just to watch myself cause i’m my biggеst fan
give me some paper so i can give myself a autograph
might just take a selfie to say i got a photograph

- demygea текст песни