2012 – destiny lab текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

the time approaches were drawing near
dec 21st of 2012’s been declared
assigned as the date to prepare
for the great global shift a mental shift
the great awakening dimensional quickening
the end of duality depends on who your asking
a brand new mentality it’s a whole new reality
is it just me or do you think that its all possibly
a money making novelty?
it seems like researchers embrace mayan prophecy
just so they can profit off their new age philosophies
let’s look logically into this mythology
and where it all started debunking the dishonesty
this serpent worshiping community was confused
and tricked demonically the mayans studied the
stars and the moon and skies methodically
their lives revolved around astrology and
chronologically they were taught by fallen angels
teaching them black magic theology through
countless genealogies they noted all anomalies
following planetary oddities secretly plotting
to act like they have the power to control eclipses
timing it to exact moment they pulled beating hearts
out of living sacrificial victims inducing mass
hallucinations hypnotic mind manipulation
sinister assemblies of shamans high on psychoactive
psychedelics meddling peddlers a kin to snake oil
salesmen peddling murderous ceremonial acts while
wearing flamboyant masks and talismans
concocting potions that cause trances acting out symbolic repetitive chants and blasphemous wicked dances
practices passed down by inbred malevolent hypnotists
blood drinking bone nosed benefactors with the entrusted inheritance to ritualistically control the masses
continuing to this day they misleading so many on their
quest for answers played out on the stages of the
ancient blood drenched rainforests investigating
hieroglyphs and presenting themselves as self
appointed specialists
now there’s more to this than money there’s a spiritual
connection a pattern that goes deeper its the spirit of
deception it seems in every culture serpent beings were
mentionedcould it all just be coincidence or worthy of
still misleading to this day diabolical intentions
inventing ways to change through time in numerous
directions morphing the kukulkan quetzalcoatl serpent
into aliens following the trail of the ancient snakes
evil scheme back to eden nothing is new under the sun
and this system has been repeated passing their kings
off as ancient astronauts seated in rocket ships carved
in rock on the lid of a sarcophagus
so many misinterpretations and imitations
pinning every evil act on bible and christians
so they can remove the so called duality
and activate the next phase age of aquarius mentality
purposely fooling large multitudes and groups into being apathetic and accepting their plan without challenging the validity

- destiny lab текст песни