2am newyork 2018 – diaz grimm текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
all these dreams of these lavish things but my family why i’m really here/
all these thoughts up in ya head, i been grinding trying to make that sh*t disappear/
but i ain’t no cole, it’s grimm b*tch/
believe i came for it all/
will you survive the storm?/
i am legend where i’m from/
pure will up on a song/
pure vibes when i’m on
waste your breath, mad at trump/
boy go get your benjamins strong/
it’s all been written, time to read the signs/
i already seen it like a thousand times/
if you think this year been sp*cey, wait till 2020 when the stars algin/
a new religion looking h*lla like a pantomime/
they postin’ pics of painted lips, them big old tits help to lift the culture kids and they p*rs*ltongue this snake in these pants of mine/
mc hammer with the knowledge/
shake my way to what’s promised/
you just trying to clash/
easy there tectonics/
sick of these agents, sick of these agents/
hired some enegry/
the world what it meant to me/
so my soul said it’s mean to be and gifted me with where i am presently/
f*ck your flow, i got this/
drop hits, cop sh*t before i hit drops for these sh*t cops who don’t see the flip*side/
this just some vent sh*t, air it out/
[verse 2]
lorde, lorde, these royals bore me/
i love them all but that pop is corny/
i’m a child of the weirdness with a decent mix of realness/
stop mugging like you seen any me’s before/
just a poor needle in this haystack/
but this needle it’ll break the camels back/
been to h*ll and back/
searched for genie lamps to wish away the wack/
pat barrack on the back/
one chat to three stacks/
take really white photos with kodak black/
one bob and the pits attack/
one love if we get on track/
run it up if you in the back/
hand in hand all together now/

- diaz grimm текст песни