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Songtext von evil boy – die antwoord lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“evil boy”
(feat. wanga)

vuil-geboosted gang$ta (turbo-boosted ill)
yooo evil boy!
why is your incanca (p-n-s) so big?

all the better to love you with!
no glove no love!
if you don’t believe me
take your dirty hands off my umthondo wisizwe! (p-n-s of the nation, pun on this)

happy! happy! joy! joy!
crush! kill! destroy!
gooi! (bring it!) car-crash rap style!
ah man that’s wild!
evil boy rap time!
people gooi zap signs! (throw up offensive hand signs)
full f-ckin flex! fre$!
mega-zef! go!

everybody go ho! like a thundercat
i’m all up in the club in my underpants
no shirt on cos it’s f-ckin hot!
let’s go diplo pump it up!
girls wanna say h-llo to me
from the zefside to the f-ckin overseas
i’m looking at who’s looking at me
looking at you looking back who can that be?
when i’m all up this
b-tch you know who the motherf-ck it is
roll through the club like a
tikoloshe (little hairy african demon man with a giant horse p-n-s)
ninjas hung like a fokken horse
yeah girl! i’m a freak of nature
sign my name on your b–b f-ck a piece of paper
if you feeling me…cool…not feeling me…f-ck off!
wies jy? fokkol! umnqunduwakho! (who are you? no-one! f-cking -sshole!)


mamelapa umnqunduwakho! (listen here, you f-cking -sshole)
andifuni ukuyaehlatini! (i don’t want to go to the bush with you)
sukubammba incanca yam! (don’t touch my p-n-s)
andi so stabani! (i’m not a gay)
incanca yam yeyamantobi! (this p-n-s is for the girls)
incanca yam iclean! (my p-n-s is clean)
incanca yam inamandla! (my p-n-s is strong)
ndiyinkwekwe enkulu! (i am a big boy)
angi funi ukuba yeendota! (don’t want to be a man)
evil boy 4 life! yebo! (yes)
evil boy 4 life!


yo-landi vi$$er so fancy like this dope -ss beat
rock the motherf-ckin microphone with no panties
i’m a bad -ss chick yo my black magic
speletjies make all the boys go… d-mn that’s sick! (spells/little games)
lie down on the bed boy lemme light the candles
uh uh! don’t touch! yo-landi just too hot to handle!
blind-fold you tie your hands up with the hand-cuffs
even though you lying down, i can make you stand up
spirits in the room tickle you like a sneaky prawn
f-ck a pen and pad i write my raps with a ouija board
draw a pentagram on your chest wif my lip-stick
visions in the mirror heavy zef futuristic
lemme take your pants off let’s see what you made of
go through your pockets no we not going to make love
go through your wallet, woo! what alot of paper!
what a f-ckin sucker! see you later masturbator!


i went from fokol to so fokken hot right now i’ll put you in your place (nothing)
motherf-cker skrik wakker we coming through pumping you full of b-ss (wake the f-ck up)
fok rustig eks apokaliptikal f-cking you in the face (f-ck chilling out, i’m apocalyptic)
zef cherries tjoon my… spieg my fokken hol nat (zef girlies tell me to spit their b-ms wet)
f-ck everyone eyes on the prize when i go for the jugular
surprise me or fokof and die if i remind you of how much you suck (f-ck off)
everyone’s so fokken so-so, yo we been sent to f-ck you up zef techno mosh-pit gang$ta nommer een kind (number one child)
everything you rap about comes true if you got some freakin b-lls but mind your tongue when you rhyme on the drum, gaan vra vir biggie smalls (go ask)
i gotta rock if you motherf-ckin like it or not, yo
is you ready for this ho$tyle take over? bow to the fokken master
my slang is banging i’m freaking the f-ck out of myself, yo i’m my biggest fan
cos buddy when you man down no fokken hands out when you really need a hand
machine gun rapper, lekker budda-budda motherf-cker, yo i’m bigger than
koos kombuis se ma se fokken poes (koos kombuis’ mother’s v-g-n-)

na na na na na!
you can’t f-ck wif this ou (man)
blah blah blah! whatever!
watch a million f-ckin kids go…
na na na na na!
super fokken fris flow (f-ckin’ buff)
ninja, w-nga and yo-landi vi$$er
vs diplo

- die antwoord текст песни