13 cases – dinero9am текст песни

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seven days a week b*tch i keep a glock
neva had a pops when it was time to bop (bop)
don’t talk about a flock if you ain’t got a box
i was really in the field, tryna catch a opp
we g*ngb*ng b*tch, this sh*t don’t stop
left a f*ggot n*gga leaking at the bus stop
n*gga sn*tched yo chain, why you ain’t get cuh
sh*t f*ck it im strapped, i’m gon get cuh
we on some gang gang sh*t, neva split up
i just blew 10 ion know how the f*ck i’m still up

run it up, 13 cases they tried to watch me
sock onna hoochie just for talking i’m finna park him
big bang theory, 223’s i’m tryna spark him
if he ain’t from the gang then we gon starve him
trash that b*tch she gone her sh*t garbage
why would i love onna b*tch when i be charging
why she in love with a crip knowing i’m scoring
pull up and pop out with sticks i ain’t giving warnings

you better duck or get hit
silly n*gga thought it was it
till i hit 5 onna l!ck
ran to the johnnies and snitched
no we dont tolerate sh*t
so we go socking on lips
i rather ride with my crips
60s we taking yo sh*t (bop)
sways to the 109’s
maggots on 104
tramps on 83rd, catch one getting flipped over
fn’s shot up the vehicle watch them flip over
s dome’s whoever want static then we gone get on em
home alone, n0body home then we gon’ knock on him
bop on him
catch a opp lacking then we gon hollow him (hmm)
tiny loc action im tryna squabble him
knucklehead thinking i’m lonely i got a glock on me
poverty, n*gga came from nothing thats why im robbing him
6×10, 711 im tryna bop on him (hmm)

- dinero9am текст песни